Since March 2017, Formilab has been the hardware partner for the very exciting new company and retail tech product TillBilly. The mission for TillBilly is to reinvent the retail experience and we have risen to the challenge to produce the type of hardware that can help them achieve their goal.

By September of 2017, Formilab produced the first prototype of the TillBilly tap & go digital receipt terminal (pictured in this post), and have assisted the TillBilly team to successfully integrate with their server backend. The goal for the prototype was to create a device that can integrate with most PoS Terminals in use today by using TillBilly‘s patented receipt printer interception method. This low friction integration removes the need to make any changes to existing PoS software, and digitizes receipts on the fly. There is a video showcasing how simple the PoS integration is with the prototype here.

Based on the success of the prototype, TillBilly has requested a small batch of near-production devices for their pilot rollout. But that will be a topic of another blog post. More info at tillbilly.com

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