room thermostat

Development of the room thermostat was a part of writing an application note for Silego GreenPAK product line. We designed all features of the functional room thermostat using only one GreenPAK 4 CMIC. The designed thermostat can display both set and current temperature on 2 7 segment LED display. There are two buttons, one to select heating/cooling mode and one for switching display from showing current temperature to set temperature. Potentiometer is used to set desired room temperature. Complete application note is published on ae following link.

GreenPAK™ is a cost effective one-time NVM programmable device that enables innovators to integrate many system functions while minimizing component count, board space, and power consumption. Using Silego’s GreenPAK Designer Software and GreenPAK Development Kit, designers can create and program a custom circuit in minutes.”

Silego GreenPAK

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