Here at formilab we think it’s best to do, to make and reiterate until we’re certain that the product meets our customer’s demands.



What we do is what defines us. Leveraging over 30 years of combined experience in the field of electronics, we provide our customers with rapid prototyping of custom electronics solutions. We have also introduced DFSBM (Design for Small Batch Manufacturing) to our working philosophy in order to assemble and debug prototypes in-house. We do this with minimal lead times thanks to our inventory of commonly used electrical components. Firmware is the soul of any modern electronics device. Using proven embedded software development tools enables us to easily develop robust firmware that integrates hardware design with cloud infrastructure using cellular (3G/4G) or WiFi modules. Using bluetooth connectivity or NFC, we can connect hardware to your smartphone app. We also specialise in low level CPU and memory optimization. We believe that devices are all about the user experience. Aside from the functionality of a device, we think closely about how the user will interact with it. We’re using our 3D printers to help us quickly get a feel of the device and get the ergonomics and even the basic interactions right. The first impressions are also very important, therefore we use state-of-the-art 3D design tools to quickly provide you with design concepts for your ideas. Our development process revolves around the idea that the customer (market) is the best measure of success of a product. Therefore we’re implementing the practice of testing the market by using Minimum Viable Product.

We want our customers to be involved in all stages of development. Therefore, we’re doing everything to make it available for our customers to be informed about all the decisions made in the process of the development. Formilab’s mission is to help people present their ideas to the world. Today, prototyping is easier than ever due to the advancement of rapid technology but still requires great expertise in the fields of electronic circuit design, PCB design, software development, mechanical analysis and UX oriented design. Formilab possesses extensive expertise across all these fields and can help turn your idea to reality. Utilising our services gives you the benefit of focusing on the commercial aspects of your business while we work hard on building you an excellent product.


A small team with great power and a wide range of expertise. Our team is made up of educated hardware enthusiast from Europe and Australia. We will help you to give form to your idea so you can show it to the world!

Tarik Nurkanović

Chief Hardware Engineer

CHE and co-founder, Tarik manages our hardware development team. He has spent the last 5 years working as a freelancer. His specialties are circuit design for both analogue and digital electronics, audio systems and PCB design. Tarik has developed numerous early prototypes ranging from battery powered sensors to Linux based gateways. He’s mastered low power hardware optimization thereby allowing him to always get the most out of a device’s battery life.

Suad Suljić

Embedded Engineer

Years of experience working as an embedded software engineer make Suad an expert in this field. His skill-set includes hardware debugging and testing, knowledge of measurement equipment and OOP. Suad is expert in embedded C, C++, Python, Linux as well as PCB design and embedded system design.

Dragan Grgić

Embedded Programmer

Dragan is our Embedded programmer. He has a bachelor degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering. He works on the development of embedded software solutions. His skills also include network maintenance and management, and application development.

Asmir Abdulahović

Embedded Programmer

With more than five years working as an embedded programmer, Asmir is an expert in the field of low-level embedded firmware design and architecture. Asmir is also working on embedded Linux development.

Robert Petrović

Electrical Engineer

Robert is working mainly on PCB design and circuit design for both analog and digital electronics and testing. PCB design and circuit design are just some of the skills that Robert acquired through the years working in the field. He’s also experienced in embedded programming, networking and application development.

Amar Glavić

Industrial Designer

Amar is an industrial designer with more than five years in the field working as a freelancer. His area of expertise includes, but is not limited to, 3D modeling, 3D printing, mechanical engineering, UX design and graphic design. He will help you visualize your idea and finally, materialize it, and bring it into the reality while making it appealing for your customers.

Eddie Cejvan

Chief Products Officer

CPO and co-founder of Formilab, Eddie brings extensive industry experience to the mix. Covering start-ups all the way up to multinationals, he’s quick to identify opportunities for change in established technology solutions. His experience extends across organisations such as National Australia Bank, Australia Post, Centrelink, and the Department of Education.