Our services cover full hardware development from the concept ideation to a product ready for mass production


Proof of concept (POC) is a step in hardware development that will help you check if your idea is feasible and test its functionality. It will also help you get a rough estimate of the production costs and thus help you decide on potential retail price and many other business decisions.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is great for checking the market. It is the next step in product development after you have a working hardware prototype ready. MVP is your product with the least amount of features while maintaining those that differentiate it from other similar products on the market.


When you are certain that you have a winning product, it’s finally time for manufacturing! This is the full hardware development from an idea to a product. With the design for manufacturing (DFM) you’ll have all parts of your product ready for mass production.


“The Formilab team has been an outstanding resource for me. They have completed about a dozen projects so far for me and we have many more in the works. Their expertise in circuit and PCB design is unmatched. Not only do they do electrical engineering, they write robust firmware for the devices as well. They are always available when I have questions and willing to help whenever I need it. I highly recommend Formilab to anyone!” Josh Ferguson

Josh Ferguson   

Founder, Glow Labs   

“Electronics engineers, with the sharp minds and the ability to think outside the square. Extremely professional and a key asset in my project. Communication and responsiveness were top-notch. No challenge is too great. ” Artur Denysenko

Artur Denysenko  

Founder, Gadgetkeeper  

“The decision to pursue our prototyping project with Formilab was a well guided one as they delivered beyond our expectations and at critical junctures provided the vital inputs to bridge gaps in our technical understanding at Keedagro. Should we expand our product offering, we will look no further than Formilab to lead prototype development.” Bharat Kapur

Bharat Kapur   

Director/Co-Founder, Keedagro   

“Formilab were professional and competent throughout the whole process. They listened and digested our requirements and brought the product to life. They guided us in the right direction and gave invaluable feedback and every stage. They were critical in ensuring the successful development of our product.” Daniel Simons

Daniel Simons   

Managing Director, YumaPOS UK ltd

Formilab is electronic hardware development company. We offer electronics prototype and full product design and development for very affordable prices. We’re here to help you present your idea to the world. We’re here to give form to your idea.